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April 16, 2020

Did Marky Dubois Invent The Dab?!?

While I did shutout the second best team in the league in the first game and hit a walk-off crazy bunt in the second, everything was overshadowed by Marky Dubois. Marky Dubois, Inventor of the dab. (You can see him dabbing at 19:40). He is officially one of my favorite players and this off-season will make whatever move it takes to get him dabbing on my team. In lesser news, the Cubs clinched a playoff birth and have their sights set on a long playoff run. Hope you all can join us next game!

April 12, 2020

Breaking News: Frank Thomas can hit. After being a burden at the plate, he smashed an oppo HR to seal the deal as the Cubs cruise to a 6-0 victory, giving up only 1 hit in the affair (It should have been a perfect game but Pablo made a costly error, but it's Pablo so you can never fault greatness). Cubs are #1 in the NL and play the Expos, who are #2 next. I will make sure the kids are all rested up, Jose has enough steroids and Ricky gets an Aluminum Power so I hope to see you then!

April 10, 2020

What an exhausting game. Frankly, I can't believe Frank held off the Wombats enough to win it. Ronny Dobbs almost blew the game twice but The Hurt got us out of a jam, ending the 15 inning marathon with 15Ks on the day at Eckman Acres. Huge victory for the Cubs and the kids got a much deserved nap after the game.

April 3, 2020

Move over Barry Bonds, there is a new juiced king on his throne at Steele Stadium. Jose Canseco is on fire and hit two homers, one being a grand slam for all 7 RBI. Cubs are now 5-1 with a lead in the Central Division.